Nothing in this house was left untouched. From foundation repair to every piece of plumbing in the walls and underground was replaced. All of the electrical wiring and HVAC systems were completely renovated. A new gable with columns and larger doors was added at the front of the home to create a Grand Entrance.


Additionally, we removed walls, widened hallways, raised and popped-up ceilings to create more open spaces throughout the house. Old windows were replaced with new sleek energy efficient windows.  Every piece of cabinetry and tile design was made custom to fit the space and the client’s style.  New flooring, lead glass, mosaic tile, special moldings, hand-carved marble mantel, and columns inside and out are just a few of the special things you will see while viewing the transformation of this extraordinary home.

Special things to take note of while viewing the pictures and videos:

  • Entry custom iridescent lead glass designs

  • Entry custom mosaic inserted in wood on floor

  • Entry and Living columns inside and out

  • Living hand-carved, solid marble fireplace

  • Dining wood floor design

  • Unique faux-finishes on walls & cabinetry throughout

  • Special cabinetry with mirror and moldings to portray pieces of furniture

  • Guest and Master Baths mirror on mirror reflection

  • Master Bath authentic mother-of-pearl shell tiles and motifs

Click Photos Below

Custom iron design on special faux finish cabinet with copper sink and unique stone counter top

Exterior: before and after

Interior entry: before and after

Custom iridescent lead glass design in front door and transom window

Custom mosaic tile design

View of dining with pop up ceiling from entry: we added columns to this cased opening

Looking into dining and kitchen from entry, showing the openness of the floor plan

Her study: before and after (view from the dining room)

Custom iridescent lead glass doors going into her study

Custom faux finish and special custom moldings on her built in cabinets in her study

Kitchen: before and after

Kitchen island and peaking into the powder bath

Custom moldings and inking on kitchen cabinets

Kitchen: before and after shot

Powder bath: before and after